Have you ever longed to have your own betta fish but you didn't because you were afraid it's too costly to keep one?  

Well, this might come as a bit of surprise but keeping one of these finny fellows is really not all that expensive.  Sure those elegantly flowing fins and flashy colors look like they're going to be high maintenance, expensive and all.  But you might just be able to enjoy your very own prized betta fish tank at a price that is really quite affordable.  So let's investigate the "how much does owning a betta fish really cost?" question in more detail.  To give you the full picture so you can make an informed decision.  

The tank can range from $1 to $10 for a 0.5-gallon to a 2.5-gallon tank.   But if you want to keep healthy bettas, it is recommended that you house them in 5-gallon tanks or more.  For $30, you can easily pick up a decent 5-gallon tank that comes with a filter and a hood. The filter works to maintain the cleanliness of your water to keep any deadly diseases at bay.  The hood is another essential tank accessory since bettas are fond of jumping and the hood will definitely keep your charges in the water instead of on the floor. Victim of a final great leap. Then too you will enjoy a good night's sleep not worrying about whether you'd find your betta dead on the floor the following morning.

If you're buying the filter separately, it can cost around $10.  Other betta keepers choose not to install a filter so if you're thinking of keeping a betta in an unfiltered tank then just expect to be doing more frequent water changes.  

Another important part of betta fish tank basics is an aquarium heater.  Bettas need warm water to thrive.   Something preferably in the 76 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit range.  And a set up lacking a heater would equate to a lethargic, sickly betta fish.  The cost of heaters varies depending on the amount of its wattage but you'll probably be looking at a range between at most $10 up to $30 for a snazzy, highly rated submersible variety from Amazon.  The price increases with the wattage.   A 5-gallon tank would require about 25 watts while a 50-watt heater will work well on a 10 gallon tank.
To make your water world all the more delectable to the eye, and your fish, adding some decor like silk java ferns and rocks can double as good hiding places for the shy among us.  You'd probably be able to get by for around $3-$10 for these.

If you're a Craiglist shopper, like to go garage sales, or hit the thrift stores you can often find perfectly suitable used fish keeping equipment at bargain basement prices.  

Once you've got your tank setup ready, your next step is to put some water in it.  But you need to let it sit for at least 24 hours before you add the fish. Otherwise get yourself some water conditioner for $5 or so.  Dumping a bit of that  into the tank will help remove chlorine and other toxins that may harm your bettas.

Now your tank wouldn't be complete without the center of attraction.   Bettas can run you around $2 to $20 depending on where you bought them and their fin type.  With the more awesome finnage costing your more than a common veil tale rescue.  Basically what you need to keep utmost in your mind here is whatever tail type you pick you want to choose a healthy betta no matter what.  Make sure it's got its fins and tails all intact, no loose scales, no eyes popping out, swims effortlessly, and its color is vibrant and not dull.

Well you can't just let your betta swim freely without feeding it right?  For $2-$5, you could already get a nutritious pack of betta food.  But the key here is to vary what you feed your betta by choosing from a variety of pellets, flakes, frozen, and live food.

So there you go.  Basically you can have a decent betta fish tank working if you can spare at least $40-$50.  And much less if you are lucky enough to find used gear.  As you can see this isn't going to set you back a king's ransom.  Even as you set up the realm for the new king in your life, your dazzling male betta.  

RESOURCE BOX: Doesn't matter if you're talking female bettas, setting up tanks for them, or better betta fish care, the place to go is Better-Bettas.com. There you'll find a wealth of helpful ideas and advice for experienced and novice bettas keepers alike.
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Really? I already had my tankand a heater (I had to get a new filter)


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